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the first time you see the white smart camera, you will find that it has a humanized design, the overall streamlined shape, with a white body, smart and friendly. with sabic substrate, it is comfortable to wear, equipped with ø 0.8mmcnc large proportion of horn holes, no fine rounded arrangement, and the use of coated glass lens makes the lens highly transparent and very scratch resistant. such a delicate design and pleasing appearance make you fall in love with it!

the most intimate is the home, the most worrying is also the home, xiaobai smart camera allows you to always see every detail of the home, using a dual-axis dual motor, no cantilever design, so that it has the flexibility of the human neck, 85 ° vertical absolute viewing angle, panoramic view of the floor ceiling; 360° panoramic video, all corners of the home can be seen at a glance, with white, so that every corner of the house is always warm.

being able to stay with your family at all times is the best love for them. xiaobai smart camera supports two-way voice and one-way video calling function. both parties can open the non-talking call of xiaobai smart camera when using, one-touch direct dialing initiate a call, professional audio dsp noise reduction, whenever and wherever, can warmly chat with family members, the most intimate companion to give family the best love.

xiaobai smart camera can not only be companionship, but also your private caretaker. open the intelligent housekeeping assistant, you can set different angles of care at home in different time zones, and provide a full range of guards for the home. record the 10-second video and move the alarm to the phone within the moving object. keep an eye on the real-time dynamics of your family and pets without worrying about the dangers.

the home care ambassador is also a small expert who can live forever. insert a micro sd card to record the video recorded in the camera's perspective to the card, and transfer the historical video to a storage device such as a router/nas at home. whether it is a parent or a naughty dog, the status of every activity in the family can be recorded, convenient to view at any time, and keep the warm picture as an eternal memory.

xiaobai smart camera is not only a camera, but also a versatile family assistant. when you shout "little white to see", you can easily open a voice chat with xiaobai, and realize the 180° direction of the front through a highly sensitive dual mic. position steering, the rotation motor is set to 90 ° / s, the rotation is as flexible and agile as the human neck, you can consult its weather, temperature, time, date, arithmetic, tang poetry, daily encyclopedia and other issues, you can also let it with tell a story, tell a joke, etc., let it accompany your family at any time.

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